Raja Technologies Inc. has worked with clients in a variety of fields, including:
  • Augmented reality (AR);
  • Cannabis-related technologies;
  • Blockchain-related technologies;
  • Green/sustainable technologies;
  • Agricultural technologies ("agritech");
  • Financial technologies ("fintech");
  • Marketing technologies ("martech");
  • Biomedical devices; and
  • Mobile payments.
Below are testimonials from some of our clients:
"Ramesh assisted Dunya Habitats in performing prior art and prior use searches for our hydroponic enclosure intellectual property (IP); and drafting and filing our provisional and nonprovisional patent applications. Ramesh's keen eye for detail and analytical skills were instrumental in creating a comprehensive patent application that captured a broad range of possibilities for our hydroponic enclosure IP."
Sugeevan Shanmuganathan
Dunya Habitats

"Ramesh assisted us in drafting our patent application, and also in seeking out licensing partners for our cannabis monitoring intellectual property (IP). Ramesh was very supportive in our prototype development initiatives and co-presented the invention during pitch presentations. He provided great advice and useful contacts to help us with the commercialization of our IP."
Dr. Andrew Cooper
Caledon Medical Cannabinoid Clinic
"Ramesh assisted me in performing prior art and prior use searches, and drafting my US and Canadian patent applications for my augmented reality (AR) and fintech intellectual property (IP). He also  assisted in prosecuting my AR and fintech applications,  including conducting interviews with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). He helped me successfully obtain my US patent on my AR technology. 
Ramesh understood the critical aspects of my technologies well. He is dedicated to detail, and understood how to capture the full scope of my technologies."
Vijyat Bhalla
Augmented Reality and Fintech Entrepreneur and Innovator