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Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Feb 13, 2019 – SimpleWay Technologies Ltd. ( successfully obtained United States (US) Patent 10,180,846 titled "System and Method for Device Interoperability and Synchronization" (link here) to cover SimpleWay's flagship product, the Soul Concept (link here), on January 15, 2019.

In a statement released today Raja Technologies Inc. CEO Ramesh Rajaduray said, “The issuance of US Patent 10,180,846 reflects the strength of SimpleWay's intellectual property in distinctively solving the problems of consumers when compared to traditional approaches. This patent demonstrates that Raja Technologies Inc.'s investment in SimpleWay Technologies is an investment in a winning technology. Today, consumers face an increased need to synchronize data and programs among their network-attached devices. Traditional approaches have serious limitations, including privacy issues and security issues. The Soul Concept allows users to be able to share data among their network-attached devices safely and securely.”

“SimpleWay is looking to develop technologies to address these vital and ever-growing synchronization needs in the consumer market. Raja Technologies Inc. is excited to work together with SimpleWay to help meet the future technological needs of consumers”, added Dr. Rajaduray.

Raja Technologies Inc. is committed to helping companies and inventors to empower their intellectual property in a cost effective way. More information is available at the Raja Technologies Inc. website and at the blog at

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