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In a typical factory, raw materials and/or intermediate goods are taken in as inputs and converted to finished goods. These finished goods are packaged and monetized. 

Similarly, in Raja Technologies Inc.'s Ponovfact™ offering, ideas (raw materials) and/or provisional and pending patent applications (intermediate goods) are converted to issued patents (finished goods), which are then packaged and monetized, as shown in the diagram below:
In stage 1, raw materials and intermediate inputs in the form of ideas or provisional and pending patent applications are obtained by, for example:
  • Partnering with early stage startups and inventors to draft patent applications for ideas with strong commercial potential.
  • Acquiring provisional patent, PCT and pending patent applications with strong commercial potential.
In stage 2, the ideas or provisional and pending applications are transformed into issued patents.
In stage 3, patents are monetized. Two modes of monetization are:
  • Direct – either by selling or licensing the patent directly in exchange for cash.
  • Indirect - connecting patented ideas to prospective entrepreneurs who want to form startups around these ideas
For more details please refer to this FAQ.

For more information, please contact Raja Technologies Inc.
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