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IP, Patent and Trade Secret Consulting Services Offered

Patent and IP Strategy

It is vital for your IP and patent strategy to be in harmony with your business needs and plans. Dr. Rajaduray has extensive experience in working with high-level executives to create, implement and manage their companies' IP and strategies in harmony with their patent strategy. He has worked with companies at various stages of development, including early stage startups and established high technology companies. Services offered include

  • Strategy consulting,

  • IP policy drafting 

  • competitive analysis, and

  • whitespace analysis.

  • IP mining, 

Patent Drafting

Well-drafted patent applications which capture your invention and a variety of use cases are an important aspect of protecting your valuable intellectual property. Dr. Rajaduray has worked with companies and inventors to help draft and file patent applications in various jurisdictions. Dr. Rajaduray will also assist you by searching and analyzing prior art to help determine the technology landscape, and consequently the viability of your application.

Patent Prosecution

Once you've filed your patent, you will need to prosecute your patent to get it approved by the relevant authorities and simultaneously meet your business needs. Dr. Rajaduray has advised on patent prosecution for companies and sole inventors extensively, including drafting responses to office actions and assisting in interviews with patent examiners. He has successfully assisted companies in getting around USPTO Section 101 "Alice" rejections.

Trade Secret Consulting

Trade secrets are becoming an increasingly important part of a company's IP, and many countries, including Canada, are either in the process of or have made trade secret misappropriation and theft criminal offences. Dr. Rajaduray offers services necessary for protection of trade secrets, including: Identifying and tracking trade secrets; establishment and maintenance of trade secret register/database; conducting IP mining and discovery sessions to identify and track trade secrets; and drafting and implementation of trade secret policies.

Patent Litigation Support

Dr. Rajaduray has worked in-house and with clients to assist them with their litigation challenges. He has worked in both defensive and offensive capacities. This includes helping companies and external counsel with

  • prior art searching,

  • invalidity analyses,

  • noninfringement analyses,

  • infringement analyses and

  • preparing rebuttal arguments to opposing counsel arguments.

Patent Licensing Support

Patent licensing can be a complex process. Dr. Rajaduray has worked extensively with both companies and service providers to provide technical analysis and assistance in licensing patent portfolios. This includes building claim charts and interpreting technical analyses to help you present your best case for optimal licensing of your portfolio.

Patent Brokerage Support

Selling and buying patent portfolios are usually time consuming and costly processes. To get the best value out of this process, assistance from experienced practitioners is necessary. Dr. Rajaduray will work with companies and service providers to assist with

  • technical analysis

  • patent portfolio evaluation

  • due diigence, and 

  • seeking available patents.

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