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Toronto, Ontario, Canada, February 27, 2020 – Raja Technologies Inc. has successfully obtained US Patent 10,564,215 on its Probabilyze semiconductor characterization technology, in particular concerning the use of the Probabilyze in an integrated testing process. Raja Technologies Inc. currently holds US Patents 10,352,989 and 9,002,677 which concern the same technology.

According to Raja Technologies Inc. CEO Dr. Ramesh Rajaduray, "This is further demonstration of the novelty and inventiveness of the Probabilyze technology in the field of semiconductor characterization. Raja Technologies Inc. would like to thank the USPTO and in particular new USPTO Director Andrei Iancu for the improved guidance which has helped reduce uncertainty and cost around abstract idea rejections."

Dr. Rajaduray added, "The seeds for the Probabilyze technology were sown in an undergraduate honours project. The ideas and learning gained from that honours project were used to create and develop the Probabilyze offering."

Raja Technologies Inc. is committed to helping companies and inventors to empower their intellectual property. More information is available at the Raja Technologies Inc. website and at the blog at

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